CDM Cereal Distribution Machine

4 Slots · simultaneous dispensing · best breakfast ·

Isn't it a great idea to get up early from bed knowing you can have an awesome cereal breakfast? Exactly our thought, so we have build the CDM!

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First Version

An android app is planned/designed in parallel development. As development makes progress the communication API is added and further extended over time on the machine and the app.


Planing of the mecanincs on paper. Taking measurements of cups and motors for reference

Calculating best gear-ratio and designing in Fusion360.

Laser Time!

Raw Machine Body. Just plugged together for testing. Everything is wiggly. Gears are underneath and fit perfectly.

Added cereal containers.

Preparing all dispenser Motors!

First dispensing test. Is our Design suitable?

Almost finished machine! Side panels are missing.

Finished machine. With RGB attraction LED's

July 2017 - September 2017


Trinamic Motor Drivers and Milk Pump!

Added UPS Backup battery. This LiPo battery has enough capacity for about 100 filled cereal bowls. Upgrade from ESP8266 to ESP32. Just ran out of IO Pins for milk feature. ESP32 also has 2 Cores which fit our needs perfectly to both operate the machine and communicate with all hungry clients. Also upgraded all motors. Rotation motor is shown on the image below. All dispenser motors have now a gearbox with 27:1 ratio. Now we have enough power to crunch "Zini-Minis" through!

Wiring of the machine. middle: 5x Trinamic Motor drivers and ESP32. right: peristaltic milk pump.

All components for milk dispensing. Also added incremental encoder for perfect measuring and a magnetic valve to stop dripping after dispensing.

January 2018 - June 2018


CDM - Cereal Distribution Machine

From Idea to Development (old machine without ESP32/trinamic drivers and milk dispensing)

CDM - Cereal Distribution Machine - Preview

Just a preview (old machine without ESP32/trinamic drivers and milk dispensing)


Cereal Machine
  • Serves multiple Clients
  • Handles 5 Motors simultaneously
  • Automatic homing and cool RGB LED's
Android App
  • Uses OpenSource dynamic-stack-adapter
  • Is nicely animated and has an intuitive UI
  • Overview over all orders and their progress


If you have any questions or just want to say hi, send us an email at

a project by Adrian B. and Kevin O. Copyright 2018